Peter Urias Declaration to District Court #1

Peter Urias Declaration to District Court #2

Peter Urias Declaration to District Court #3

Peter Urias Declaration to District Court #4

My Motions and Declarations Showing How Peter Urias is clogging the court with material completely unrelated to the kidnapping and RICO that is in front of the Court.

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Notice to Massachusetts Bar Association: Peter Urias works for Seyfarth Shaw in San Francisco.  He claimed in District Court Pleading that he is a licensed attorney in the State of Massachusetts.
Click Here for that.  Turns out he is licensed but is Inactive.  That is a small deception. 

Also:  his work is illegal trash.  Look at what he excreted into our courts to coverup Employee Kidnapping Using Corrupted Police.... Mob Style.  Mr. Urias is breaking every attorney rule and law there is and he is doing it solely to conceal his own fee gouging of Wells Fargo Bank and his own malpractice.

Big deception is he is actively using the District Court in attempts to chill my First Amendment Obligation to speak out with first hand harm and tangible evidence.   Meet me in a SWAT Police Car.  Hear actual police audio of how that was manufactured and 'set up'.  I was able to obtain all the forensics absolutely proving my allegations in Court:  mob-style kidnapping using corrupted police twice in a two year period under color of law.  And.....obviously...Conspiracy Against Rights.    

Mr. Peter Urias is apparently violating 18 USC 1519. He is woefully ignorant of Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley mandates of the low level worker.  His legal pleadings are all meaningless boilerplate.   His pleadings to the court are designed to conceal and obstruct official, tangible evidence from being heard in Trial.  He violated FRCP 11 when he signed his name on matter of which he knows NOTHING.   Mr. Urias also boldly and flagrently lied about conference.  He refused to discuss and tangible evidence with me and to him, "conference" is shown in his own pleadings to be nothing more than bullying me to drop my lawsuit.   He is a LIAR and a good-for-nothing bully.  Disbar Crooked Employment Attorneys.
Peter Urias is Hiding The Above and Police 'Set Up' audio records
Urias is GUILTY Concealing of Kidnapping and RICO.  Seyfarth Shaw is GUILTY.
Complaint to Massachusetts:  Disbar Dangerous Deviant Liar Employment Attorneys TODAY.
Peter Urias is a good place to start.  He claims to be fluent in Dodd-Frank or Sarbanes-Oxley.  He knows nothing but how to LIE and FEE ROB their own clients and deceive the court with his disgusting lies.