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District Court in Eugene Oregon
"Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks"

Attention Organized Bank Syndicates and Cartels
If your Footsoldier Reported you to FBI, etc. with official tangible evidence of major crime....
Call District Court of Oregon Right Away !

  Hello, I am Chief Judge Sammy Davis, Jr.
A footsoldier who made it this far is an
Organized Bank Syndicate's greatest asset.

"If it makes everyone happy, I sign it then sing it!"
Quoting Chief Judge Sammy Davis Jr.: "Thank God We Have Organized Bank Syndicates to Manufacture Money via Obfuscated Computer Systems

Long ago when America was invented, 'rights' were considered as 'what was right to do'.   It is a lot like 'gay'.   40 years ago that word had absolutely no 'alternative meaning' but 'festive and joyous' such as in the Christmas Song...'Don we now our gay apparell, falalala, etc.

Point being:  back when America started and for most of human history.. people rich and poor woke up each morning happy to be alive knowing that for no particular reason they could be perfectly healthy today and dead the next week of illnesses we now easily treat.  In 1900 the average life expectancy of an American man was 46 years.   A person could easily go through life without a hot bath or shower.  Hard to imagine.

So 'rights' were obligations to ourselves and the United States of America.   We have the obligation to speak with first hand standing and evidence.  That means before you make some big fucking deal in Court about your 'right of free speech', you best have:  personal standing:  how did whatever you allege harm  you personally?  Do you have evidence of the personal harm?

Firearms.  Guns.  Rifles.  Handguns. Second Amendment says do right with firearms... our founding fathers knew  weapons they had then WOULD improve over time as weaponry always did.  So they said... do what is right with firearms.  It was then what we would call an "emerging issue" then... a BFD (Big Fucking Deal) at the time.  Until around the 1980's... this business of everyone wanting/owning a 'gun' and much worse all the crazies withe concealed weapons permits... what a crock of fearful horseshit world they live in.  Never dawn on them that most people don't carry guns and don't have problems.  They carry a concealed gun (or whatever) and when they don't have problems...had to be the gun. This country has gone to intellectual Hell. Blame Hollywood..they make the movies, blah blah...tirade continued below Real District Court interlude....

The below is a message from Judge Frank Sinatra, known for a potty mouth.
Message from Judge Frank Sinatra: so what Paul Anka wrote my most famous song?  What's he going to fucking do about it? Fuck him.  The Irish Mobsters from Boston gave us Dodd-Frank Organized Banking Syndicates, Cartels, and Organized Banker/Footsoldiers. 
Due to Confidentiality, we make sure to name all our clients. CLICK pictures below links to Evidence and Case Presentation sites including police and even family court audio of the worst ever corporate RICO perpetrated by their Anal Worm Butt-Pirate barfbag Attorneys.  Organized Bankers:  that stuff is priceless. Try to keep the damn Ebola-invested anal worm  shithead attorneys out of our fucking goddam District Court of Oregon Organized Banking Business or at least warn me so I can bill out a  few more goddam fucking mediation or referral fees.   Organized Banking at its shit fucking finest:   Look no further than District Court here in bumfuck  Eugene Oregon where nobody looks.

ict Court of Oregon: Where Organized Banks Pay Up and Footsoldiers Shut Up, and both Get the Fuck Out of Here and I seal all the records for them or even shred them if they all agree and get drunk and I don't remember unless reminded.  Sarbanes-Oxley made that illegal.  Dodd-Frank makes it legal if your Organized Banking 'Bosses' and the Footsoldier agree.  That is damn Good Legislation if there ever was any....If you can Dream It and your Organized Banker/Footsoldier is still alive... District Court of Oregon can Do It. 
The above is a message from Judge Dean Martin
Chief Judge Davis: I gagged on this Case and signed it after I finished LMAO.  It sets a new Mob Standard of Humor and Cynicism.  Excellent Banking !

I crapped my chambers laughing watching this.  The footsoldier was kissing up to the mob bosses by making them some Art including a twisted mob offer to trade the Hot Organized Banker Chick Avid M. for the damages instead of money.  But their henchmen already had turned it over to hired killers & attorneys. Now that everything is filmed or recorded...big mistake. If they have the evidence.... See what happens in other courts...then call District Court of Oregon. is the other courts.  We do it our way!
Tirade continued from above.  Ever wonder what District Courts do?  Mostly they seem to arrive at Orders/Opinions.  You would think that would be based on hearings and evidence and logic like we are taught.  But think about that in a banking/mortgage employment matter.  What does the judge know ...or the attorneys for that matter.   That was my job.  I was  really good at it.  So look how they bury their ignorance of the job, the laws, my while-employed FBI evidence parking but mostly their own errors and attorney fee robbery of Wells Fargo Bank.  The court "systems" seem to be designed around TRUST.  Court systems...what determines life and liberty and money....appear to have NO EDITS and workers and others with access can do whatever they want and it creates 'orders and opinions' against the evidence and without hearing.    It allows attorneys to create a Potemkin Village on Paper in Court and some judge has to sign it.  It is that bad.  Result:  corporations are immune to court action.  People are jailed.   Any form of arrest or district court lawsuit means no more employment even 30 years later, even if expunged.   "Public Records" were not meant to be 'internet public'.   Magic Cure?  I invoked 18 USC 1519.  I motioned to compel them to produce working papers proving they reviewed the tangible evidence (police a/v)
Corporations hide while the small human is attacked in all courts at once to KILL .  Attorneys Make Our Laws and Leaders Ineffective in Real Life...a total facade.
Click Here for a Motion Under Seal by Wells Fargo/Ogletree Deakins.  It clearly and poignantly demonstrates national problem with COURTS. Stranger than Fiction.
Click Here:  Wells Fargo? FBI?  Real Judges?  Nobody answered to any facts or tangible evidence.  Why?  How?   Civil Courts are to make Progress, not to Punish.
Johnny Cash Tells it
Like it is (above).

CLICK PICTURES BELOW That is what Mean Courts do.  How CRAZY is that and they audio it so you can hear it. 
Special Hearing of REAL District Court for Faxes From Dogs and Dead Russians to Ogletree Deakins Employment Lawyers for Wells Fargo Bank.  What did that crap have to do with their SLAPP suit?  They put me in ALL courts at one time.   (police/court a/v) (family court audio).
I was reduced to faxing art, just as a raped child might try to express himself.  Such is the "work" of Ogletree Deakins: 18 USC 1519.
Real District Court:  Broken From Within.  The System
that Makes the Orders/Opinions is Corrupted.
Letter From Ilya Ehrenberg to Ogletree Deakins
Letter From Doggie McStyle to Ogletree Deakins
Letter From Lassie the Dog  to Ogletree Deakins
Letter From John F. Hoover FBI to Ogletree Deakins
Art Video... Wells Fargo Wagon
Click Picture.
Ilya Ehrenberg Reads His Fax Put Into Court
Click Picture.
Doggie McStyle Reads His Fax Put Into Court
Click Picture.
Lassie Reads
His Fax Put Into Court
Click Picture.
"John F." Hoover FBI Reads His Fax Put Into Court
Click Picture:  Art Video
Wells Fargo Wagon
Meats Ogletree Deakins
.....tirade from above continued....Fact is, hardly anyone needs one but we can say that about anything.  So if they honestly feel it is right for them to own a Firearm, that is fine.  However:  most people not only do not need one, they do not know how to use it and have few places to practice shooting.

So, one solution is more indoor shooting venues including indoor rifle ranges.  Wherever there is 'gun violence', it is most easily solved by opening a shooting range and inviting the gangs in for some Range Time and target shooting competitions.

And the State...the government is obligated to the Citizen... Due Process, blah blah.  It takes too long.  It costs too much these days.  Cheaper just to pay your Footsoldiers and make them feel important like they did before organized banking became so corporate and non-fun all because of the dreaded Zombie Vampire Attorneys . 

Technology just commonly available in the last 10 years reached 'critical mass' in the last 5.  Truth now can be reasonably known or inferred via people's digital signals.  That FACT makes it much easier to get complete TRUTH simply by asking.  That is NEW. It makes people Sing Out Truth if you remind them it can be reasonably figured out from their phone records including GPS readouts the phone companies keep and all other digital remnants such as store or bank vids etc.  The list is endless.  A large company like Facebook and/or Google will automate justice by collecting the digital signals.  So in the BELOW example of a domestic fight where cops charge it out as a crime... WARN the other party (usually the woman) that HER PHONE and HER INTERNET RECORDS are subject to review so if she did something really bad maybe it is better for her to work it out privately? ? ?  Both man and woman look at each other and figure it is better the Both Walk Right Then and not call the cops unless it is serious.  Problem solved. 

Get it?  Anyone who is accused of something in a criminal sense must be able to quickly obtain forensic materials.  Simple example...locally a lot of domestic fights get phoned in to police and turned into bogus 'kidnapping and strangling' charges.  If anyone can count the number of times my ex-wife drove me off somewhere yelling and screaming and throwing shit and strangling me as I tried to drive (or while she was driving, mattered not.  Don't believe that?  Hear her in real spousal support audio .  Timeless quote, referring to adult offspring she is billing as spousal support "What do you want me do do your honor, sell the Children?" 

Ok..back to the point... so that person usually a man is held in unspeakable jail conditions based on the theoretical charges while the State systematically creates a paper reality and gets the guy to cop a plea.  Off to jail, his ex-GF or wife continues whatever it was that caused the guy to go bananas in the first place. 

Civil Court... nothing civil about it.  Rigged 100% just like the criminal courts only a bigger percent to the Vampire Attorneys.